brief biography

Ute Schleich studied recorder and modern traverse flute at the College of Music in Karlsruhe in South Germany. After taking her degree in both specializations, she rounded out her recorder studies with the advanced title Künstlerische Reifeprüfung.
Ute pursued further studies with Walter van Hauwe, Peter Holtslag, Adriana Breukink, Mareike Miessen, Gerd Lünenbürger, among others, and won sponsorship with grants from the federal state foundation Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg.
She taught at the Federal State Music School for Youth, JMS, in Hamburg, was employed for several years giving preparatory courses for students seeking admission to the Rendsburg seminar and from 1991-1994 she was lecturer for recorder at the College of Music in Lübeck.
Since May 2011 she has lived in Nussloch near Heidelberg, where she teaches and works as a specialist breathing therapist.
Ute performs regularly in a variety of different ensembles and programs: her repertoire ranges from both Ancient Music and contemporary works. She gives concerts for children and is interested in the connection between visual arts and music (concert in the city art gallery Kunsthalle Hamburg: “Klangbilder-Bilderklänge” (“Sound Pictures-Picture Sounds”) playing to accompany and inspired by original pictures). "Neue Sparten" (“New Branches”)
such as the combination of recorder and dance or recorder and singing bowls enrich her concert performances.
Ute has devoted a great deal of her musical interests to investigating Japanese music. The result of this passion is 2 CDs: "Kirschblüte, Bambus, Wind - Japanische Flötenmusik" (Cherry Blossoms, Bamboo, Wind – Japanese Flute Music”) (2012) and "Kirschblüte und Regenpfeifer - Musik und Märchen aus Japan" (“Cherry Blossoms and Rain Pipes – Music and Fairytales from Japan”) (2010). It is out of Ute’s passion for Minimal Music that in 2020 the CD "Colors of Minimal-Music" – released by the label conditura has sprung.
Ute completed her five-year training course to become a breathing therapist according to the Ilse Middendorf technique BreathExperience in 2005 at the Ilse-Middendorf-Institut in Berlin and at the Institut für Atemtherapie in Hamburg.
Ute lives her own practice working with musicians. Thus, for instance, she has offered courses at the College of Music in Würzburg, at the Landesmusik-Akademie Hamburg and at the Ancient Music Festival in Urbino, Italy.
Ute believes in the goal of mastering the interplay of music and breathing.