Breath-Therapy according to Ilse Middendorf

"Breathing is one way of developing further the soul-body-mind and of realizing one’s capabilities and gifts."    

Ilse Middendorf


Breathing affects our whole life. We need to breathe to stay alive – at the same time, breathing is much more than that and is the mediator between body, mind and soul. Thus our breathing is always a mirror of our physical and spiritual well-being.

Normally we don’t think about our breathing – until we experience issues with it. Of course, we can exercise our will to consciously intervene and change our breathing for a while. By "experiencing breathing" according to the Middendorf approach, our breathing is no longer steered by our effortful determination. We can feel our breathing and – gradually – get to know it. By means of a gentle and holistic approach the Ilse Middendorf technique offers deep healing that starts with the healthy parts of the human being and allows these to grow.

Simple, pleasant physical exercises are presented to the group and afterwards there is an opportunity for participants to reflect on changes in the body, to perceive breathing and to share experiences. 
Individual sessions allow particular issues to be addressed, either in a lying position on a treatment bed – where the therapist accompanies and supports breathing movement with her hands - or (additionally) through action by means of movement, breathing and sound exercises.


Most people benefit from the results of these sessions by experiences a more pronounced and refined sense of body that allows the individual to be more aware of themselves. Releasing tension, both physical and psychological, becomes habit; a sense of space, lightness and standing tall is allowed to grow. Breath can flow more freely through the body, like ripples on water when a stone is thrown into it. Changes in breathing in and out always leads to further responses: Breathwork with awareness touches and changes body, mind and soul in a holistic way.

I offer:

  • Continuous group sessions: You are welcome to come to a free trial session; you can join whenever you are ready.

  • Individual sessions by appointment; a private session lasts about 1 hour.


  • Good spinal health

  • Breathe in, relax, draw strength           

  • MY VOICE – to support Your voice       

  • How are you? – A Workshop all about (Well-)Being  

  • Seminars and summer courses for musicians                                                                                                                                                 

Regular dates:

  • Nussloch: Wednesdays from 10.30 to around 11.45 A breathing group meets in Nussloch, Sinheimer Strasse 27, in the room above the library. Please use the side entrance.  The group is always open to new members – for people who have not yet experienced this kind of work, for those who wish to pick up where they left off, or for those very experienced in the technique. Please contact me before attending. Cost: 15 € per session.

  • VHS Schwetzingen: every first Monday in the month This seminar for Middendorf breathing technique is offered from 6-9 pm during semester. "Breathe in, relax, draw strength". Please register through VHS Schwetzingen