About me

I began playing recorder when I was six and I remember very well how intense the notes sounded and how happy I felt when I listened to them. Actually, I have never stopped playing since; the feeling of happiness when I play has never subsided.

At the Karlsruhe College of Music in South Germany I took a degree in recorder with Gerhard Braun, who gave me the decisive insights that were to plant the seeds of my interest in New Music. Subsequently I went on to take advanced courses with Walter van Hauwe, Gerd Lünenbürger, Mareike Miessen, Peter Holtslag and other experts and this training formed the basis of my knowledge of Ancient Music and performance practice of this genre.

In addition to recorder, I also studied in Karlruhe modern traverse flute as a second specialization.  This additional subject provided a perfect balance; I could put in all my undiluted energy, could become familiar with and perform music from completely different eras.

Since my student days I have given concert performances on the recorder and made recordings/CDs. At first, I played many premiere concerts with my teacher and his/our recorder quartet. After I completed my degree, I performed independently, both as a solo artist, and in many different ensembles. Concerts with Ancient Music in all its various facets, New Music - I often choose completely new settings, such as a museum in front of original paintings, music with a dancer performing, with singing bowls… and I commission new works to be composed.  All this inspires me and gives me joy.

Finally, to this already colourful palette, I added my training as breathing therapist according to Middendorf, and this has given me further inspiration and has made my playing flow with less effort and has raised my sense of well-being. As a result, I can pass on my knowledge and my experience to musicians of all specialist disciplines – at the College of Music in Würzburg, for instance, or while hosting musicians in my home (see Breath and Body Work for Musicians) -  and I can help both healthy and suffering people to better health and well-being. (see Breath Therapy)