Breath- and Bodywork for Musicians

A free-flowing body and relaxed, deep breathing are optimum conditions for musicians to express themselves in their performance with a feeling of security, freedom and confidence. Mastery of the instrument, sound quality of the instrument or of the voice, powers of concentration, power of artistic expression and creative capacity greatly depend on freedom of body and soul. It is possible to allow this freedom to grow (back) by learning to release tension in the body so that the breathing can flow unabated.

The exercises in breathing and movement practised in the sessions (breathing and movement according to the Ilse Middendorf technique), as well as individual treatments,  foster a deeper body awareness, allow excessive tension to be perceived and released, movement becomes more economical, good posture with and without the instrument can be achieved through free-flowing energy, with more flexibility and by standing tall: making music becomes lighter, more liberated, more creative and – more economical with breath consumption.
In addition, stretching and strengthening exercises, and closer consideration of physiological and anatomical basics of making music can enrich the collaboration of student and teacher. As a result, breathing and body work for musicians not only fosters free musical development, it also eliminates, or at least, alleviates, existing issues.


  • Breath work and movement in accordance with the Ilse Middendorf technique

  • The anatomy of the human skeleton as a complete system of interdependent parts

  • Building strength

  • Stretching

  • Individual support and work


Topics covered:

  • Posture

  • Posture at/with the instrument

  • Breathing (physiological), the significance of breathing in music

  • Owning the moment

  • Calm, security, grounded-ness, focus

  • What to do with “nerves”? How to deal with stage fright

  • How can I prepare myself for a performance physically/mentally/emotionally?

  • Body awareness

  • Diaphragm support “Stütze”

  • About the power of breathing out

  • Lightness

  • “Roots and Wings”

  • Partner work, team work

  • What can I do to avoid, or to alleviate, (physical) issues with playing an instrument/singing?

  • Physical fitness

  • Flow

My Competences:

  • Rich performance – concert experience of a recorder player

  • Wide-ranging experience in body work with musicians and the general public

  • Many years of teaching experience for players of all levels and ages 

  • Experience leading numerous seminars

  • Sensitivity, social competence, creativity

I offer:

Private sessions by appointment, group sessions, seminars, summer courses


  • Urbino Musica antica 2009: Breath and body work for musicians

  • Course work in further training for teachers 2008/2009 at the Federal State Music Academy for Youth and Conservatory Hamburg (Landesmusikakademie Hamburg) (4 courses)

  • Breath and body work for children and youth at the Federal State Music Academy for Youth in Hamburg    

  • ICH STIMME, (MY VOICE) Adult Training Centre, Wiesloch 2010, 2011

  • “Completely Centred, Well In Touch” – Ruth-Crohn-Institut, Wuppertal April 2010

  • Courses and seminars, individual and group sessions in my own practice since 2005

  • Freelance lecturing contract with the College of Music in Würzburg 2019, 2020; group sessions with students