The variety of programs ranges from solo-concerts to chambermusic with Ancient Instruments by historically informed performance, to permformances with a dancer or with music and fairytales, opening events of an exhibition and so on. You can listen to Ancient or brandnew music:

Yagi-Bushi; Blockflöte und Trommel

Ute Schleich und Luna Martina Pracht mit Yagi-Bushi, in einer Bearbeitung für Blockflöte und Trommel - als Zugabe nach einem Konzert mit Blockflöte und Klangschalen.

Recorder and Butoh-Dance; with dancer Alexander Peschko

Sections of the dress-rehearsal of our  performance in Leimen/Heidelberg

Vivaldi - Sonate a- minor for recorder, basson and b.c.

Annette Winker,bassoon; Ute Schleich,recorders; Christian Zimmermann, lute

Sections from Kirschblüte und Regenpfeifer - Musik und Märchen aus Japan.

  1. Blumenhut-Lied

  2. Sections from "Das Glöckchen"

  1. Ute Schleich,recorders and Katharina Uzal, Violoncello

    Duetto 2 from Sei Duetti by Carlo Domenichini a flauto dolce e violoncello

  2. Statio by Heinz Martin Lonquich. Seven Drawings for Recorder and Violoncello